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Latest Listings

Trust in Hope Recovery House

Considering a Halfway House? A halfway house is the next vital step in continuing on a journey of recovery. The people, places and things in our lives can easily trigger us to fall back into our old ways. Sometimes our... Read more

The Living House

MAKE LIVING WORTHWHILE The Living House is innovating Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa The Living House provides world class sober living services to people recovering from addiction. The Living House is a sober home in tranquil Rondebosch, one of Cape... Read more

Laura Edmonds

I have worked in the field of Substance Abuse Disorders since commencing practice as a Social Worker in 1982.I work with both individuals and families using a directive cognitive approach on an out patient basis.As an adjunct to my work... Read more

Seascape House

Against the backdrop of spectacular views of Cape Town’s Table Mountain and beach front, Seascape House gives individuals with addictive disorders an opportunity to address their issues in a comfortable setting with beautiful surroundings. The experienced clinical team of who... Read more

Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic

Located in Underberg, in the beautiful Southern Drakensberg, Riverview Manor is a private specialist clinic with a difference. Our intimacy of care and high professional to client ratio enables Riverview Manor to give each person the individual investment that they... Read more

Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre

Defeating substance dependency When Rand Aid was established in 1903, one of the first projects was a home for 60 unemployed men. Most of them were war veterans who battled to adjust to community life. As a result of post... Read more

My Story  

Four and a half years ago, I woke up on the floor of Fourway's Life hospital having had two alcoholic seizures. I had been a late bloomer. I drank my first tequila when I was 26. For the next twenty odd years I did the usual party drinking - occasionally getting out of hand and eventually crossing the invisible line into alcoholic drinking in my forties. Continue reading
PJ PowersPJ Powers

Q & A

Absolutely not! Addiction is a progressive disease, the longer it persist the worse the addict’s predicament can become in all areas of their life; health, social and relational. Waiting to hit rock bottom before getting help will serve only one purpose, it will make the recovery process significantly more challenging, if not sometimes impossible. Read more...

This is a very interesting question and to answer it, one needs to look firstly at the nature of addiction. My own view (and that of many practitioners in the addiction community) is that “addiction is addiction is addiction” (Schneider, 2005, p.75). So, a person with the vulnerability for addiction per se (due to genetic factors, stress and trauma exposure) could potentially develop any one or more addictions. Which particular addictions they develop depends upon a variety of factors.